Mens Trends 2015


Mens Trends Trends 2015

Dramatic and eye catching!  Let’s face it.  The guy with a great cut and sophisticated style is the man who is turning heads.  Not sure?  Spring is the time to see for your self.  Change your style and just watch, you’re sure to get noticed.  At Fresh, we love to see men in our stylists’ chairs and we have suggestions on the looks you’ll love.

First, the French Crop. While there are several variations of this classic, it’s easily recognized by the slightly longer top and shorter back and sides.  The more you leave on top, the more versatility.  You can wear the top straight forward with full fringe, or use your fingers to push it to the side and off your forehead.  Remember George Clooney in E.R?  Clooney wore a French Crop every season, but the truth is, the French Crop looks good on all face shapes.  British television personality Dermot O’Leary has wavy hair, but with this classic, he can keep his hair cut close to the sides and looking neat.

Next up:  Want that edgy look?  Then you need to try the Mop.  It’s messy, tousled and loose.  Perfect for guys with wavy hair, the Mop is becoming more popular.  Don’t think you can pull it off at work?  Then clean it up by parting your hair down the side.


Like the Mop, many of you still love long hair, and long is still in.   Ditch the ponytail though, and if you’re going long, embrace the “man bun.”   It’s the look of today.  But don’t be fooled.  It’s still important to keep long hair trimmed and conditioned.


The next look you may want to try this spring?  A Side Part.  It works for everyone and our stylists believe it can be worn on guys who have volume and those who don’t.   By using matte or semi-matte products, you can prevent that greasy look.


Speaking of products.  Do you have the products you need to pull of these great looks? Fresh Salon, exclusively carries ARROJO products, and we LOVE ARROJO’s Defining Cream.  It works well for a light to medium hold and soft control.   Defining Cream adds body and texture to your look.  It’s not stiff and will add visible sharpness to your style. Bottom line, we think many guys want a cut that’s modern, but low maintenance.  These styles will help you achieve the look you want as the season finally heats up.


Mens Trends 2015

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